A downloadable game for Windows

We are a small team of students  just entering in the Ludum Dare competition and this is what we present.

The game consists in collecting  7 cat food cans to survive before your cat eats you!

Install instructions

Just unzip it and run the executable to start the game!


CatOdysseyBuild.rar 68 MB


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This was probably the most adorable 'slenderman clone' that I've ever played. The visuals were pretty good! The jumpscares got me EVERY TIME. The controls were smooth for the most part and the area was HUGE. The music was amazing and it definitely contrasted the entire feel of a survival horror game, which is the entire point of this jam! The only issues I had with this game were glitches and graphics issues, so you did awesome! The game would lag out and skip around a lot near the little shack with the fenced in backyard. Also, if you tap 'E' repeatedly when you go to pick up a can of Friskies, it literally collects one for each time you tap 'E' until it vanishes. That made the game pretty easy to win! I did encounter my cat a couple times but he was super slow. Maybe increase the speed depending on how many cans of Friskies you have? Just an insightful suggestion, no biggie. I loved this game! I feel like you nailed it! Thanks so much for making this!


awesome short game enjoyed a lot a bit glitchy and i found a bug in game to other than that every thing is awesomr